Unreal Anthology

Unreal Anthology 1.0

Unreal Anthology contains Unreal Gold, Tournament, II and Tournament 2004

Unreal Anthology is a package that contains four games: Unreal Gold, Unreal Tournament, Unreal II and Unreal Tournament 2004.
Since June 23, 2009, Epic Games designed GamersGate to distribute this package exclusively.

Each version of this game offers different options, but all of them are first person shooters, in which you can control a soldier that has access to several weapons. In all of the games, he must fight against evil monsters, killing them and trying to stay alive.

The game has a very good engine, that has been used for seven years before the launch of the last version of this game. It includes the possibility to play on-line against or in a team with other players. Since the development of the first version of this game, "Unreal Gold", in 1998 to the last version, Unreal Tournament 2004, some graphical improvements and playing capabilities enhanced the original game. Then, in the newer version it is possible to compete against powerful enemies, view the action from spectator´s cameras, use a specially made browser to find online games, and many other improvements in the graphical appearance and the weapons.

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